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Pretivm's COVID-19 Response

Mar 14. 2020

Pretium has been responding to the rapidly-evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis to protect our workforce and the local communities in the northwest region of British Columbia where the Brucejack Mine is located. Pretium is following guidance and directives as updated by federal, regional and provincial health authorities in respect of general and minesite-specific protocols.

Travel and Quarantine Protocols

The following company-wide restrictions are in effect:

  • Access to the Brucejack Mine is off-limits to anyone who has travelled anywhere outside of Canada.
  • In all corporate locations, employees have been asked to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada. Mandatory 14-day self-quarantine is in effect for employees returning from anywhere outside of Canada.

On-site Medical Services at Brucejack Mine

The Brucejack Mine is located in a remote location and as it needs to be self-sufficient, we maintain an on-site primary care clinic that can respond effectively with emergency and non-emergency care for our site workforce. Medical staff include remote-care nurses and advanced care paramedics under the guidance of two off-site physicians; physicians are on-call to provide guidance or instruction to on-site staff as needed. Clinic staff are monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and are engaged with Northern Health, the regional authority, to discuss and manage Pretivm’s operational response.


Pretium appreciates the particular risks that COVID-19 presents to our remote and dispersed workforce, and the remote communities in northwest BC where access to healthcare can be geographically challenging. We are committed to keeping our employees informed and updated on the crisis and engaging with neighboring communities in the region.

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